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about ezDirectory
ezDirectory is a web application written in Perl using CGI and PerLDAP to interface with an LDAP Directory Server. It stores contact information of people in an LDAP database using a unique user ID (UUID) for each contact.

It's faily configurable. The perl scripts are not platform independant (though they do require PerLDAP), and they can interface with any LDAP database with only minor configuration adjustments. The options for the fields to track and update are also configurable with a single file.

  • 07.24.2000 - 21:57

    Updated WebSite. Nothing really new. I'm in the process of changing jobs and moving to NYC. The best email to reach me at is rpdennis@excite.com.

  • 06.24.2000 - 08:34

    Ok, thinking it through, it's time now to modify this app so that only authorized users can make modifications/additions/removals. I'm thinking I'll just add a statement at the top so that it will check to see if the user has a valid cookie. If so, they get a menu at the bottom with their options, if they don't, they simply get a menu item "Login" where they can log in and be supplied with a cookie that is good for n number of minutes.

    BTW - Anyone wishing to contribute may!

  • 06.22.2000 - 13:46

    Web Site Up: I'm just getting this web site up and running. There are several things that I still want to get on here, that I hope to have on soon:

  • More Good Links
  • Documentation on how to setup both ezDirectory and OpenLDAP
  • A working demo: I'm going to try to get this connected to a DB I have on the backend so you can see for yourselves.

  • The search CGI up and running so you can search this site. (It's written, just not moved over here yet.)

  • 06.21.2000 - 21:55

    Announcement: Nothing Released Yet!

  • Code should be in CVS by the end of next week
  • Still Learning SourceForge

[ email:rpdennis@excite.com ]